Fiber Optics Contractor and Structured Cabling – Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm is a leader in the professional installation of network cabling, Category Cabling and fiber optic cabling. We provide end to end structured wiring with performance certification using Fluke Certified Test Equipment. Every project we complete includes documentation of the network performance.  As one of the best reviewed network cabling companies, we provide highly technical services, structured cabling solutions and optical fiber solutions across the northeast US. We are confident of our experienced technicians, unrivaled performance quality, affordable pricing and quick turnaround times in every structured cabling installation we undertake.

Whether your company requires a new fiber optic installation, fiber optics fusion splicing, a simple repair of your current category cabling system or a unique structured cabling project that requires a detailed solution. Fiber Optics Contractor and Structured Cabling by Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm is able to produce the results your business deserves. Our team of experienced technicians provide unrivaled customer service, reliability and the capability to complete any project large or small. We also provide the distinct know-how to integrate true adaptability into our operations model, which facilitates us to expeditiously work around our customers and subscriber’s timetable.

I started this business when my previous employer decided to switch markets. I gathered up my existing customers and started my company from there. I have an electronics degree from Lincoln Technical Institute I always enjoyed both technology and sales. Learn more at

Call today for a no obligation quote serving small business to international corporations and town-wide wireless video surveillance for police departments from one to hundreds or thousands fiber optic cameras. 1-888-344-3848  Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware PA NJ DE

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