Know The Benefits Of Installing A Fiber Optic Security Network At Your Business? You may think it’s not a viable option to upgrade your business or company’s existing cable system to fiber optic cables. Consider this, not only will your employees experience improved bandwidth, you just might discover an increase in productivity as well. Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm, LLC is a preferred fiber optic contractor with the experience to test, repair or install a HD high speed fiber optic security system. The expense associated with fiber optic cabling has decreased dramatically as more and more businesses are realizing the true benefits of a professional fiber optic installation.

Installing a fiber optic security network at your business can offer several key benefits. Firstly, a fiber connection is much more reliable and secure than traditional wired networks; utilizing light signals as opposed to electrical signals makes it almost impossible for hackers to intercept your data. Furthermore, a fiber network connection reduces interference between devices or two separate networks, meaning less potential for issues with compatibility or performance. Finally, fiber optic cables are immune to environmental damage, so regardless of the conditions outside the cables will remain undamaged and operational – crucial in the event of an emergency. Benefits like this are hard to ignore; if you are considering installing a fiber optic security network at your business there’s no time like the present. Optic cabling is much thinner and lighter than traditional copper cable. The smaller size of fiber optic cables makes it much easier to work with and takes up less space in wiring trays and conduits. Unlike traditional copper cable, fiber optic cables are immune to electro-metric interference, cross-talk and impedance problems. In the event that fiber optic cabling gets wet, unlike copper, it will still perform. Fiber optic cables provide more bandwidth than copper, which means your business will be able to carry more information in a higher quality than traditional copper wire. Fiber speeds are dependent on the type of fiber optic cable you choose to use.

Your Data Is More Secure When Using High Speed Fiber Optic Cables that are professionally installed. Fiber optic cabling is very difficult to be tampered with. If a malicious attempt is made to tap into your network, physically breaking the cable, the fiber optics will leak light, causing the entire system to become nonfunctional—protecting your communications from prying eyes. Being that fiber optic signals consist of light, you will experience very minimal signal loss while allowing your data to move at higher speeds over greater distances.

It’s true that the initial cost of fiber optic installation is more expensive than copper cable, however, fiber optic cabling usually costs much less to maintain, provides less downtime and even requires less networking hardware. Our strong commitment to client satisfaction and dedication to service excellence drives the solid work ethic of our technicians, who always strive to provide precision, punctuality, and quality in all our installations. Get a Free Quote and see for yourself how Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm can help your business.

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